Hello! A little bit about me...

I was once told that the significance of any work of art can be measured by the distinction of the voice behind it, and that I viewed the world a little differently than the average person allowing me to create enthralling images that go beyond the expectation of the viewer. I believe that our own imagination is the only limit to our creativity. I have loved to draw since I was a child and picked up my first pencil. Illustration is where my heart is! The journey began with traditional mediums, but in recent years I have delved into the world of digital illustration and am comfortable working with both traditional and digital mediums. During college I also discovered a fondness for print and layout. These mediums have been incorporated into my own style which is notable for rich colors and a comic or cartoon feel.


Design Process
I love a visual challenge and enjoy the process of creating. A lot of planning and organization goes into every illustration and design created whether it is a simple logo or a detailed portrait. They all start out by making sure I have a thorough understanding of my client’s needs and their market. I generally lay out ideas in a sketch and see what works and what does not. This ensures that the client and I are on the same page and that our ideas are aligned. From here it is time to get into the details, selecting the color palette and type and overall design style. Then to decide what medium or software will work best for the design, taking into consideration the client's deadline and budgetary needs. I like to work with the client at this point and get an assessment of where the design is heading, what they like and don't like. Once that is done final adjustments are made and the design is presented. Planning and organization are crucial to the success of any design, which is the ultimate goal!